Specialized Internet Solutions

The development of websites, geographic information systems, automated online services, databases and effective solutions for other problems.

  • Ruby

    A dynamic language with emphasis on simplicity. Easy structure and presentation make it simple to create and read the code.

  • Ruby on Rails

    It is the comprehensive multilevel base focused on web-site development that works with databases.

  • System Architecture

    System Architecture is the selection of the best ways of cooperation to organize and store data.

  • Security

    Implies high security level which meets all the modern requirements of working with payment systems and confidential information.


    CRM and ERP technologies. They help to simplify document circulation and organize client management.

  • HighLoad

    HighLoad is used to ensure the stability and reliability of any product under extreme conditions.

  • Geospatial

    Geospatial extends system capability and makes it possible to simplify the analytical work with information.

  • Agile Process

    It is the iterative development process which presents a working product at the end of every iteration.

  • JavaScript

    JavaScript is designed to create Web pages easily, to automate the processes and to expand the capabilities of client-side functionality web tools.

  • UI/UX

    It is a user-friendly and efficient product interface. It displays the functional capabilities of the system in a simple way

  • And a lot more

    Consulting is the information support and offering of the best solutions to optimize processes needed to achieve specific goals in the company. These and many other technologies increase productivity, improve customer service and boost sales.