Cryptocurrency Exchange & Wallet Development

The crypto industry has won a large number of fans and enthusiasts, both among industry professionals and other specialists. Twinslash has entered this market in time to provide top-notch development services to its customers.

What Do We Offer?

We have conducted a thorough analysis of the market and divided our crypto services into four main areas.

Blockchain development

Blockchain technology is at the heart of all solutions in the cryptocurrency industry. So, the process of blockchain development should be given the utmost attention. Twinslash is ready to take on development from any stage, be it a prototype, an MVP, or a bare idea. Blockchain development can include the creation of crypto wallets, decentralized applications, etc.
As for building blockchain solutions, we have specialists in the following protocols — Ripple, Ethereum (Solidity), Bitcoin, and Corda. We develop blockchain solutions for any business — for example, a decentralized cryptographically secure ledger for your product or idea. In addition, we use blockchain development to create distributed marketplaces. The very technology of blockchain makes it possible to make the exchange of data and transactions between different people or businesses more secure, faster, and cheaper.

Cryptocurrency exchange development

The development of cryptocurrency exchanges is one of the most common use cases at Twinslash. The rapid market growth, the lack of clear regulations, as well as mistakes made by leading platforms, force people to come up with their own ideas regarding new crypto exchanges.
Generally, a crypto exchange is no different from its fiat-based counterpart, except for the fact that users buy and sell cryptocurrencies there. But unlike conventional exchanges, crypto platforms stand out for how secure they are and how quickly transactions can be carried out. At Twinslash, we understand that the security of a crypto exchange is a key factor. We use encryption of databases, multi-signature wallets, SSL integration, and DDoS mitigation to create a protected platform. Trust should also be ensured through biometric or two-factor authentication of users.
Security is not an additional feature. It is a basic requirement that we follow during our work since we strive for the best result. When it comes to crypto exchanges, the best result is, first of all, the high level of security.

Cryptocurrency wallet development

Crypto wallet is an application that gives the owner complete information regarding the history of payments, balance, and so on. With the help of crypto wallets, crypto coins are transferred between people, and this is where the private keys of users are stored. Cryptocurrency wallet development is a crucial direction in our work.
In addition to creating custom wallets, our company provides consulting services. We also integrate cold storage wallets into exchanges.

Smart contracts and dapp development

Decentralized applications running on smart contracts are a new trend and our company is ready to help its clients join the rapidly developing market. We create and test smart contracts for various platforms like Ethereum or Neo. As an additional service, we advise our clients on choosing the most suitable platform for their business needs.
We work with Dapps at any stage, even at the stage of MVP, where we analyze and evaluate the client's idea and the market they are going to enter. We also help you find the right decentralized storage medium to ensure maximum data security.
For those customers who have a finished product, we provide services for migrating it to another blockchain platform or operating system.

Our Technologies and Methodologies

We strive to optimize the customer's business processes. At Twinslash, we are well aware of how important it is not to make unnecessary moves in cryptocurrency development. So, we always start with a deep analysis of the client's needs and market conditions.
We follow the customer-oriented method and remember that satisfaction of customer goals is more important than our personal gain. Therefore, at Twinslash, we are never afraid to tell the harsh truth. Our task is to make our clients feel that they have a reliable partner, who really cares about their business.
In our work on cryptocurrency exchange development, we use various technologies, which include Crystal, NodeJs, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, Python 3.6. We also use specific programming languages ​​like Solidity and platforms like Ethereum, Corda, and Hyperledger.


In order to give you a clearer understanding of how our workflow is organized, we have divided the process of cryptocurrency exchange development into several main stages.

All cases are different and all clients have various goals and objectives. However, all their goals lead to one outcome — success. That’s why all our tasks are geared towards bringing value to our customers. To do this, it is critical to correctly define the requirements of each individual client.
We start by defining the market and the niche where the client is going to promote its product. We carefully define the target audience of the product and the possibilities to further expand this audience. We then add new parameters to the user image. Also, we carefully study the client's competitors, evaluate their strategies, try to identify where they make mistakes and why. Only after this research, we proceed to finding out what exactly the client wants.
The client's wishes and needs can be strikingly different. But as we said above, we take a customer-centric approach. Therefore, we are not afraid to tell the client that their desires do not coincide with their needs, and we prove this by providing facts and data. Our task is not to satisfy the client's random request, but to bring value. By analyzing the requests of the clients together with them, we determine the steps that need to be taken to meet these requests.

There is nothing special about the development stage and it is similar to a development project in any other industry. Taking into account the client’s budget, we define the project objectives and prioritize the features that need to be developed.
In one of our latest cases, the client wanted a full-fledged crypto exchange. This is where they planned to invest their money from the start. The exchange was supposed to have standard functionality of crypto exchanges like the ability to get wallets, make transactions, and so on. During development, special attention was paid to the issue of security. The client wanted us to implement the Know Your Customer policy and 2-factor authentication for the platform’s users. Wallet security also had to be at the highest level since the client wanted to distribute their product under license in the future.
After defining all the features, we decided what technologies we need. In this case, we used Python 3.6 for the back-end, ReactJS for the front-end, as well as, frameworks. We managed the databases using Postgresql, and all cloud solutions were developed via Hetzner and AWS.
Only we started developing the platform.

At Twinslash, we understand that blockchain testing requires more attention since blockchain code objects are immutable. In view of this, we test smart contracts from both Solidity and JavaScript perspectives.
Running tests on Solidity help us launch the blockchain and call smart contracts and their functions. We use JS tests to a greater extent to make sure that contracts behave correctly on the surface. All this is done in order to know for sure that our decentralized application is working as intended at the moment of calling smart contracts. We use Web3js for this testing.

We are well aware that the work on a product doesn't end at the time of its release. Further product maintenance is often 50% of the total project work. Blockchain products require a more thorough approach in this regard since a product such as a cryptocurrency exchange should work smoothly 24/7 and without errors. Due to the fact that users are extremely impatient of where their money runs, malfunctioning of cryptocurrency exchanges will cause serious damage to the company's reputation.

Why Perform Cryptocurrency Exchange Development with Twinslash?

Our company has extensive experience in software and web applications development. Twinslash has been in the market since 2003. And we have a number of undeniable advantages.

Advanced technology

At Twinslash, we understand very well that any modern development company should use a stack of various technologies. If you don't follow this rule and don't strive for more, you run the risk of lagging behind your competitors. That is why, in addition to bitcoin-related specialists, our company also has professionals in the following technologies: Ruby, Rails, Crystal, NodeJs, ReactJS, CSS, LESS, Yarn, Lerna, Git, Solidity, Python, TypeScript ES2015.

Absolutely secure

Based on what was written earlier, you can understand that we give top priority to security. Data leaks, hacks, and attacks are the most pressing issues today. We are aware of this and always strive to meet our customers’ demands by adding additional levels of security to their product. We also comply with legal requirements when developing products.

Tech-savvy developers

Our team includes both veterans of development and young specialists who can take a fresh look at the existing processes. All of our team members are constantly improving their knowledge regarding current cryptocurrency trends and best practices in order to provide our clients with the most efficient services.

We meet deadlines

Today, time is the main resource that matters more than all the others, including money. Our managers and developers adhere to their obligations and meet the set deadlines. Our work is well organized in CRM systems. Every hour logged by an employee is visible and understandable. The managers, in turn, motivate their teammates to complete the work on time.
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