E-learning Software Development

Global expenses on education are on a steady rise, and EdTech follows the trend with an average annual compound annual growth rate of 16.5% between 2019 and 2025. At this rate, the market will grow 2.5x by 2026 to reach $404 billion globally. While the Internet giants are dominating the elearning software market, there’s plenty of room for startups and SMBs to launch web-based learning applications, provide corporate training functionality, or build learning management systems. With a reliable development company at your side, you can carve an EdTech niche for your project.



Solutions We Offer

E-learning Platforms

The online learning platform market is expected to grow at an 11% rate between 2020 and 2025 thanks to the advancement of AI, AR, and VR technologies, along with the growing need for remote education at all levels. Successful educational software relies on quality content, comfortable navigation, interactive features, and stability under the increasing user loads. The Twinslash development team has accumulated the technical expertise and E-learning industry experience to implement our clients’ educational vision and achieve every functional and monetization goal. We analyze the requirements, suggest the most appropriate technology stack, and implement cutting-edge learning solutions that put clients’ educational projects ahead of the competition.

E-learning Mobile Apps

Mobile learning apps are the second most popular category on Google Play and the third among the App Store downloads at over 8.5% of total app download numbers. With the ever-increasing number of smartphones and tablets, two-thirds of learners consider getting access to their learning materials via a mobile device essential to their studies. With that much demand, creating an e-learning app is a sure way to gain traction in the EdTech landscape. You can rely on Twinslash expertise with native Android and iOS app development, as well as our mastery of creating cross-platform apps and progressive web applications (PWA). Thanks to our laser focus on user experience design and application productivity, our clients’ e-learning MVPs are bound to gain attention and graduate to full-fledged businesses.


Ultimate Analytic Solution

Standardized testing and grading are no longer enough to satisfy the needs of every learner. Instead, educational institutions embrace the power of technology not only to analyze academic performance but also to craft tailored learning experiences, mitigate risks, provide support and counseling whenever necessary. Twinslash experienced developers incorporate advanced analytical solutions that enable education personalization for every student, track educators’ progress, and deliver actionable insights for guiding each learner to reaching their full potential. We can incorporate Big Data functionality for processing national or district-level statistics, AI algorithms to formulate automatic solutions, and combine data analytics tools with beautiful visualization features to keep the output user-friendly. 


Smart Knowledge Management Solutions

While large enterprises lose up to $47 million per year to inefficient knowledge sharing within an organization, the academic losses are harder to evaluate, yet their impact is inarguable. Implementing knowledge management software can provide education stakeholders with answers they are looking for quickly and efficiently without undue wait time and increased dissatisfaction. Knowledge management solutions make most of Twinslash developers’ expertise in content creation and management tools. We can implement a comfortable categorization system, develop search and filter features, as well as leverage AI-powered bots to help learners and educators find answers to their questions while keeping them engaged and satisfied with the user experience.


Why Work with Twinslash?

Qualified Consultation

At Twinslash, we do not believe in one-size-fits-all approaches. Every education software project is unique and requires an in-depth understanding of the stakeholders’ needs, business goals, and industry landscape. To ensure our clients’ success, we kick off the development process with a discovery phase to learn everything there is to know about the project and its intended audience and distill our analysis and research into a system requirements specification. Clear and measurable deliverables guarantee every requirement is fulfilled and every performance goal is met.

Experienced Team

With decades of combined software development experience, our talent pool boasts solid technical expertise coupled with out-of-the-box thinking vital for breathing life into complex projects, like an elearning solution or an LMS. Though Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Crystal, Python, and JavaScript are among our core capabilities, we are ever on the lookout for the next big thing in software engineering, ready to pick up new skills and put them at clients’ service. 

Monetization Strategy

The Twinslash development team comprises project managers and business analysts ready to dive into the client’s niche of the vast EdTech market, research competition, analyze the target audience, and come up with a successful monetization strategy. We’ve helped businesses implement various monetization approaches, from freemium subscription plans to one-time purchases and everything in between. Our extensive experience with payment systems integration guarantees secure and seamless transactions that add to the favorable user experience and positive feedback.

Software Solutions

Twinslash is a full-cycle software development vendor. Our experts can take over every aspect of the elearning software development, including architecture design, prototyping, coding, third-party services integration, and launch. To ensure minimum downtime and prevent software crashes, we perform rigorous automatic and manual testing. Post-launch support, code refactoring, updates, and upgrades are also available to our clients.

Successful Cases

3ears is an up-and-coming eLearning platform designed to help learn foreign language through video and audio content supplemented by subtitles. Having suffered the lack of high-quality language-learning educational materials online, the Twinslash client leveraged our EdTech experience to implement features vital for every foreign language learner. Aside from creating a content library toolset, our software engineers ran into the challenge of providing users with interactive subtitle creation capabilities.

The text had to be synchronized with video or audio content. Moreover, the words spoken had to be highlighted in real-time to assist listening and reading comprehension and improve knowledge retention. Our developers ensured that subtitles could be used for comfortable content navigation and to get additional information on each word, such as correct pronunciation, gender, case, and more. Registered users got extra features, including creating a list of the new words to be memorized.

The 3ears platform has been seamlessly running since launch, attracting foreign language learners from across the world. Upon the project`s success, our client intends to include new foreign languages support and pivot away from B2C to a B2B business model, providing an online learning environment and educational content for academic institutions and corporate customers.