Real Estate Software Development

We build custom real estate software solutions using a practice-based approach. Our development services are designed to meet industry requirements and streamline your business operations.

Software & App Development Solutions for Your Real Estate Business

Working in the real estate market? Think about implementing IT solutions in addition to other marketing tools.

Twinslash provides modern native and cross-platform apps that can greatly supplement the work of property managers, real estate agents, and tenants. The best confirmation of our qualifications and professionalism is our experience in real estate software development. 

Want to build a product from scratch or upgrade the existing web or mobile app with advanced real estate solutions and technology stack? Consider starting a project with Twinslash!


Real Estate Software Development Services

There is a great variety of services your future app may have — from round-the-clock commercial property information management to rental process automation. Our real estate software development company provides any custom-tailored feature you’ve been dreaming of.

Below, we list the most notable services your future product may get equipped with.

Property Management

Property Management System (PMS) is software that automates and simplifies critical business operations for property managers, property owners, and operators.

Twinslash designs software that takes the burden off the property manager by doing many day-to-day business processes. Besides saving time, it completes these processes quickly and efficiently with fewer errors and zero redundancy.

With our property management software, you can:

  • Integrate payment systems and accounting apps.
  • Automatically send emails or text messages to your tenants to alert them to updates and notifications.
  • Collect rent.
  • Schedule preventative checks and notify you when it's time for one.
  • Post and update online ads automatically.
  • Upload your property to the system through API.
  • Update the announcement automatically.

Also, Twinslash offers a bunch of other features like cloud migration, CRM integration, etc.


Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Multiple listing service (MLS) is a unified system for realtors, agents, and brokers containing the entire set of property offers on the market. It is attractive to potential buyers because the real estate located in it is guaranteed to be checked and assessed by a realtor.

Moreover, they don’t have to work with many realtors or companies at the same time — an MLS features numerous property listings.

Twinslash developers are proficient in building and designing custom MLS systems. The end product will comply with accessibility standards and handle data exchanges between other business systems.

It will be equipped with all the necessary features (search engines, mobile access, worksheets, optimized core web vitals, etc.) You will be able to monitor important data in real time — prices, location, and user information.


ERP/CRM Software

CRM software is a system that helps real estate companies manage their lead generation, automate sales and email marketing, and guide leads through the sales process. 

With us, you can follow up-to-date information on objects and the reliability of buyers and sellers. Our real estate software development company can build a CRM system to automatically upload advertisements to instant messengers and platforms.


Property Valuation & Reporting Software

Real estate valuation and reporting software is designed to determine the market value of real estate with subsequent preparation of a report.

Based on the database entered by the user, the custom real estate software allows you to quickly and conveniently leverage statistics and comparison of sales to determine the value of the object being assessed, in accordance with the restrictions set by the user.

Twinslash custom software for real estate allows you to calculate the profit for your client, check recent sales comps, estimate rent, and export professional property reports that you can customize.


Solutions for Innovative Real Estate Products

On top of the above services, your future app may get a number of cutting-edge IT solutions. By hiring a decent stack of developers, your final product will fully correspond to the users’ needs.

IDX Solutions

IDX or Internet Data Exchange is a software standard used by realtors, brokers, and their teams to display frequently updated listings from MLS.

Real estate apps use IDX to display property listings with up-to-date information sourced directly from the MLS. The Twinslash development team works with IDX technologies to help you showcase a wide range of commercial properties, so you can generate more leads for your business.

What’s even cooler, coders from our real estate software development company can work on the following:

  • IDX Integration Services
  • IDX Website Integration
  • IDX Listing and Search
  • IDX Design Services

This ensures that your final product will meet all the real estate industry standards.

IoT Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses physical things/objects, computing devices that are connected and exchange data. En masse, they create a network of smart devices that can communicate with each other.

Our company combines real estate software development with the Internet of Things. In turn, this provides faster connectivity and maximum automation of various operations. 

Twinslash’s aproach helps tenants and landlords save time and money while lowering overall operating costs.

Gadgets and sensors that collect data allow commercial real estate companies to differentiate themselves from the competition. They offer intelligent solutions to manage various systems in clients' homes, workplaces, and public spaces.

Our solutions will help you save money by analyzing data from smart sensors, thus allowing for predictive maintenance.

Process Automation Solutions (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation replaces manual and decision-making processes with robots. They perform tasks automatically (without human intervention) based on preconfigured logic. If necessary, we can equip our robots with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing.

Twinslash developers are able to integrate a set of additional features into your app:

  • real credit and background checking
  • lease management
  • utility management
  • real estate listing automation
  • response automation to any system input you choose

Implementing RPA into your real estate software development means building a robot that reproduces actions that emulate human behavior by interacting with the system interface.

Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS)

The Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) is a technology used to exchange standardized real estate data between all the different types of software systems that process real estate information. RETS is a structure that can be accepted by any computer system to receive data from an MLS.

We adhere to this standard as it allows different systems to interact easily. Meeting it results in efficiency gains, cost savings, and improved user experience.

Property Valuation Models

This solution is a kind of data and analytics tool. Integrated into an app, such models assist in precise reporting, investment analysis, market insights, and real-time projections. This will become a really helpful feature for agents, brokerages, and investment firms.

As a rule, we design these products to meet the following founder's needs:

  • View the latest sales and rentals
  • Share reports with one click
  • Create professional investment reports
  • Calculate maximum offers to sellers
  • Analyze the profitability and ROI of real estate

Also, there is a chance to upgrade the software with predictive analytics solutions, capital analytics components, and third-party analytic services.

GIS Technology 

When we talk about the use of GIS in the monitoring system, we primarily mean the zoning of the city. It has the same business goals as the typification of objects by quality: reducing the spread of prices and other indicators of the local market in each section of the sample. This is achieved, first of all, by toponymic zoning, which allows you to build an objective model of the functioning of the local market.

With this solution, your users will be able to search real estate by personal specifications like price or location. Moreover, now they can filter the options by criteria like land ownership, zoning, value per acre, flood zones and wetlands, and so on.


Our Completed Projects

Now let’s overview some of our finished projects:

This is one of the best real estate platforms on the web. It boasts of the following features:

  • fast, easy, and efficient way to find a new home;
  • modern and intuitive UI/UX design;
  • imports data in the XML format to any other FTP server (with FTP, you can transfer files back and forth between computers or via the cloud);
  • allows adding multiple sites to send at a time.

All this makes the software useful for both sides of the deal.

Technologies used: Ruby, ROR, Unicorn, Resque, SASS, jQuery, Coffee, Postgresql, Rspec, Capybara, Newrelic, Ransack, Haml, NGinx, FTP. 


Another example of web platform development. This one is aimed at planning and booking vacations. 

Using this website, the user can:

  • plan trips for an African safari;
  • choose and book desired destinations;
  • get 24/7 assistance;
  • get local know-how from the right time zone;
  • communicate with travel agents via chat.

Developed by a team of safari experts, this product meets all the requirements of South African tourists.

Technologies used: Ruby, ROR, Unicorn + Nginx, SLIM, SASS, Sceleton, jQuery, Ransack, PostgresSQL, Sidekiq, Capistrano (2.*), Airbrake, Rspec.