Custom Telecom Software Development

The Telecom industry is an ever-evolving and expanding niche that thrives with the development of new technologies and the rise of unprecedented business and customer needs.

The number of mobile broadband subscriptions alone exceeded 7.7 billion in 2020, doubling in merely five years. Fixed broadband subscriptions are also on the rise, hitting a new record of 1.1 billion users in 2020. And the upcoming deployment of 5G will open new opportunities for many industries and will likely boost the need for Telecommunication solutions even further.

Accommodating for the impact of the 2020 crisis on the global economy, Telecom businesses should focus on personalizing the customer experience. Their survival hinges on creating new business strategies to compete with the increasing number of rivals and offering new products and services to leverage and monetize the advanced wireless technologies. And Twinslash is here to help businesses devise, implement, and launch an advanced Telecom software solution, platform, or feature, digitize existing or upgrade outdated systems.


Telecom Software Development Services

We provide Telcos with customized solutions to elevate user experience and boost revenue.


Network Management Software

Improve network performance by implementing operations support and business support systems and automated telecom management applications designed with local and cloud infrastructure in mind.


Customized Telecommunication Solutions

Increase the efficiency of the customer and business-facing sides of network operations using customer relationship management (CRM), inventory management, charging and billing systems tailored to specific Telecom needs.


Performance Tracking Software

Monitor, manage, and boost network efficiency by developing customized data aggregation, storage, and analytics solutions with automated report generation and clear visualizations to promote fast decision-making.


Telecom Security Management Solutions

Ensure network security by implementing industry best practices, such as encryption and multi-factor authentication protocols, to mitigate risks and prevent caller ID spoofing, SIP hacking, DDoS and DNS attacks, and other security breaches.


Operations Support Systems (OSS)

The business-facing side of any telecommunication system is often overlooked, as it isn't considered a profit driver. However, proper network management comes with plenty of business benefits, including increased operational efficiency, maximized system uptime, and improved customer experience.

The Twinslash team of analysts, project managers, and software engineers is aware of the effects of quality OSS implementation. With years of experience in the Telecommunication industry, we help clients ensure their networks run like clockwork through the clever implementation of custom SIP clients and efficient server-side applications for VoIP solutions.

Telcos deal with vast amounts of data, and handling it effectively is another way Twinslash helps businesses. We can implement monitoring solutions to track network performance, inventory network resources, manage faults, prevent fraud, and automate trouble ticketing. Digitization and automation of network management are crucial for long-term Telco survival and success, and our development team assists in implementing customized OSS across a variety of telecommunication applications.

Business Support Systems (BSS)

The client-facing side of the telecommunication system can become a competitive differentiator to lure customers from rival Telcos, increase brand awareness and loyalty, as well as boost customer lifetime value and a variety of other marketing and sales metrics. Twinslash software engineers help businesses make most of BSS development by streamlining billing and payment systems, optimizing customer relationship management (CRM) systems, building customer self-service portals, and implementing analytics solutions.

As customer-centered design and solutions become the new norm across all industries, Telecommunication included, Telcos must adapt their promotions and offers to fit individual customer's needs. We can help with that by providing well-rounded data aggregation and analytics systems that analyze customer expenses and predict future buying behavior to assist the marketing and sales departments. With our help, Telcos can implement data warehousing and automate report generation with clear visualizations that promote fast decision-making.

Custom Telecom Solutions

Twinslash stands out among software development companies by providing a full range of development services, from business analysis at the discovery stage to efficient project management, architecture design, and implementation, quality assurance, and launch. Our clients' common business needs to include:


Our experienced developers can take on an out-of-the-box solution and tailor it to a telecommunication company's specific needs. Customization may be small-scale, like creating an additional localization, or large-scale, like developing extra features or setting up third-party services integration.

Telcos that come to Twinslash with a vision depart with custom solutions that meet every functional and non-functional requirement. Our expert software engineers start with devising a flexible and stable architecture before selecting the optimal technology stack and implementing every feature and interface. Regular reports and demos keep clients in the loop and provide a simple way for them to stay on top of the development efforts.

Quality assurance is paramount in the Telecommunication industry, as the smallest bugs can cause catastrophic consequences for businesses and customers. Our QA specialists conduct rigorous automatic and manual testing throughout the development process and complete the final round of check-ups before deploying the project to ensure a seamless launch

Successful telecommunication projects are never finished. As customer feedback starts steaming in post-launch, our experts remain in touch to implement new in-demand features, provide ongoing maintenance, and scale-up the solution when the customer base exceeds its load limits.

Successful Projects

ISP Telecom

ISP Telecom, an advanced telecommunication solutions provider, reached out to Twinslash to develop a TPP platform to aggregate call record data for long-distance calls and toll-free numbers and generate reports. Our task was complicated by the need to integrate a third-party service with no API and with only a web interface for downloading files and obtaining record-processing data. To make sense of the server requests, we used reverse-engineering libraries to simplify the js-code. This approach enabled Twinslash developers to implement an API for file download and data processing. Once over the biggest hurdle, our team improved the platform's design to make it user-friendly and implemented a micro-service architecture.

Modus Telematics

Twinslash took part in creating fleet and equipment tracking and management software for, such as Modus Go, Teen Drive, and others. As a fleet SaaS project, Modus Go enables businesses to track vehicle movement and analyze tracking data. Teen Drive relies on similar technology and features that provide parents with remote monitoring capabilities of their children's vehicles to promote safe driving.

Dynamic Network Administration

Twinslash designed and developed this B2B solution from the ground up to enable our clients to make most of Sprint's services. The software we developed provided managers with data tracking capabilities to follow employee accounts' changes and analyze the amount of data exchanged within a specified timeframe. Another unique feature of this project is mobile device data collection, storage, and processing in real-time.