eCommerce Software Development Services

We have been creating customized eCommerce software solutions for more than 20 years now. Our development services are designed to meet the needs of the business in line with the requirements of the industry and to optimize online trading processes.

eCommerce Software Development Company

As the increase in online trading for wholesale and retail sales continues to be more rampant, Twinslash eCommerce development services are committed to helping you take advantage of this growing trend. With the ever-changing customer expectations for both B2B and B2C, you need customized digital solutions to scale new heights for your customers' digital shopping experience. Twinslash, an eCommerce development company, has the technical experience to tailor scalable and secure eCommerce products to suit your needs and precisely target your audience. 

We have over 20 years of development experience and have actively worked with eCommerce projects throughout this time. We've perfected and diversified our eCommerce product lines to cover businesses in automotive, fashion, tourism, and the service industries. Our mature and highly functional eCommerce development services incorporate needs-based integration using globally accepted standards. 

With a special focus on Ruby on Rails, iOS and Android mobile applications based on React, Redmine Plugin Development, Twinslash has something for everyone. 



eCommerce Software Development Services 

We are a software development company with a robust approach to electronic commerce services. If you have an idea, we can help you with the following:

Custom eCommerce Software Development

A digital transformation requires a wholesome approach that will take into account AI integration, data analytics, marketing tools, and cataloging. Don't allow your online store to limit your project; instead, leverage headless architecture development.

Our eCommerce software development applies the latest trends in the market. Besides, it synchronizes all integrated systems, such as ERP, to give your enterprise a holistic view of decision-making and process improvement. 

We create custom solutions for healthcare, crypto, logistics, e-learning, telecom, and real estate enterprises. Our state-of-the-art software solutions cut across the following functionalities:

  • Adaptive interface high-load online projects to handle big data.
  • Management systems to work with GIS.
  • Geographic information systems to work with geoinformation.
  • Electronic catalogs.
  • Automated online systems. 


Plugins Development

In addition to the wide range of eCommerce development services, we at Twinslash will also help you to create plugins that meet your enterprise needs. Our excellence at developing unique and highly functional plugins is the reason many clients choose us. 

We have a rich selection of electronic commerce plugins that include:

  • Agile plugin
  • Bug tracking
  • Checklist plugin
  • Monitoring and controlling plugin
  • Hide Sidebar plugin
  • Usability plugin
  • CRM plugin

We also have our custom Redmine project management plugin development tool. This is a handy feature that allows you to organize workflows conveniently. With our Redmine plugin generator, you can have a customized plugin for optimal efficiency. 


eCommerce Platform Development

Your online store requires a data-driven and highly scalable eCommerce platform. Twinslash will help you develop, customize, and optimize a new platform or redevelop your existing one. We'll employ top-notch software engineering technologies for a more personalized solution that will enhance the performance of your project and satisfy your customers' digital shopping experience. 

Suppose you want a sure way to retain and attract new customers. In that case, you'll want to try out our responsive web platforms, whose loading speed, catalog management, network infrastructure, and secure individual blocks are second to none.

Our team of eCommerce software developers will take care of all the bulk and heavy lifting in fine-tuning your eCommerce platform so that you can have enough time to focus on growing your business. 


CRM Integration

Today’s consumers have high expectations when it comes to their digital shopping experience. In that regard, your enterprise has no room for error, especially through disconnected backends. If this is still a problem, Twinslash can help you amalgamate your enterprise eCommerce backends through the integration of ERP and CRM systems.

This integration creates common customer journeys across devices for a positive user experience. This also streamlines enterprise process management, thus allowing it to meet customer expectations. With a CRM running in the background and an ERP integration taking care of catalog updates and most other background processes, we empower you to focus on other processes to grow your business.


eCommerce Mobile App Development

Now that customers are increasingly reliant on online stores, there's no doubt that bespoke native mobile applications make all the difference. Reaching your customers on the go, anytime, anywhere makes your enterprise stand out from the rest — most web traffic is generated from mobile devices.

At Twinslash, we are experts in developing eCommerce mobile applications for Android and iOS. By taking advantage of sleek UIs, we can deliver world-class native rendering mobile apps based on React Native Javascript framework. Our choice for this framework stems from the fact that it is cross-platform, with a richly well-resourced community of developers, making it easy to find solutions to any digital problems. 

React also has prebuilt libraries, code reuse/multi-use code, plug-in endorsement, clear UI, live and hot rebooting with plenty of ready-to-use tools. 


UX Design Research

For a successful eCommerce business, you need a user-friendly interface — good UI makes tailored digital shopping a success. We offer you valuable and in-depth UX design research that will form the foundation for a satisfactory interface solution. 

Upon research, Twinslash deploys its experienced team of experts to assess and analyze your electronic commerce product's strengths, shortcomings, and unique needs. This will help to deliver a highly optimized and personalized user experience that will enable you to retain and gain customers.


Support and Consulting

Digital trading is only going to get better. Hence, we offer continued support and consulting services on all matters of electronic commerce. 

If you need help maintaining, upgrading, re-platforming, or migrating data due to a switch from one eCommerce platform to another, we're here to help. Twinslash is committed to providing you with cutting-edge technologies to help you run a successful eCommerce business for years to come.


Our Completed Projects

Since we started providing eCommerce development services in 2003, Twinslash has had the privilege of working on a number of high-value projects. Some of the completed projects include:

Service: Web platform development

Technologies and frameworks used: JavaScript, AngularJS 1.4, C#, Node.js, LESS, jQuery 2.1, and AWS

Description: Originally HelloGbye, Amgine is a business travel consultant that has partnered with industry leaders such as Travelport and Sabre. This enterprise aims to bring TMCs and travelers together by harnessing the power of an AI-enabled eCommerce platform. The end result is a transformative tourism industry with an efficient travel booking experience. 

Service: Web platform development

Technologies and frameworks used: Ruby on Rails 4.1.6, MySQL, Angular.js 1.6.4, Simple Client API, Ruby 2.3.2, Cordova, Gulp, Bower, Ubuntu, Jade, Capistrano. 

Description: We developed Aldim as a marketplace and online store for a wide variety of goods. This fully-fledged website was designed with all the requirements that an eCommerce platform should have. It took plenty of resources and skills to place everything —  catalogs, checkout, cart, interactive UI, live chat features, and much more — where it belongs when designing this product. We also developed an iOS and Android mobile app for this marketplace to enhance customer engagement on the go.


Service: Web platform development

Technologies and frameworks used: nginx, varnish, rake app for image serving with dragonfly, faye for websockets, rails 3, mongodb, redis, memcached, elasticsearch, sidekiq for background tasks. Elasticsearch not only for full-text search but as a database for quick filtering.

Description: ABW is one of the largest automotive Internet portal. The portal consists of separate modules for administration website, shop, bulletin boards of private users for sale cars and their accessories, user's personal account, forum, a section with offers of car services and other auto services,dealing with news and the function of providing an analogue of the printed version portal newspapers.


Service: Web platform development

Technologies and frameworks used: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Spree, jQuery, Airbrake, Git, Redmine.

Description: The online store system is based on SpreeComerce.Cosmetics and perfumery shops are divided into regions. Each region has its own logic of work, delivery, types of payment, discounts, promotions. The system allows you to work directly with suppliers, quickly make changes to the logic of the regions. Modularity of the system allows you to configure, add or change any functionality.