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Our Team

“Powerful web applications that formerly might have taken weeks or months to develop can be produced in a matter of days.”

Twinslash Company has specialized on Internet-solutions development since 2002. We have been offering our clients the most effective and circumspect options for 10 years already. Twinslash core specialization is geo-information systems and high load Internet systems development, as well as finding solutions for unconventional Web problems. We use the latest development technologies, such as Ruby / Rails, UI / UX, Agile Process, JavaScript, and others. The use of these technologies lets us create high-tech products, which completely meet the clients’ needs.

High security level of functioning of implemented systems is one of the head principles of our team. Security technology meets all the modern requirements for software safety.
A great number of large-scale automation systems are created by Twinslash for banking and other areas that require enhanced security.
The accurate observance of milestones and high quality of the final product are our major concern. Cooperation with companies all over the world, including USA, Canada, CIS countries, Russia, etc., is the result of innovative approach to projects and development processes.

Twinslash has a strong and unique team. It consists of multilevel professionals with excellent knowledge of their job specifics and a large number of case studies. Each member of our team is a professional with the experience of over 6 years. The ratings of author's modules on GitHub are constantly rising, and their number is growing.

Our new members follow the footsteps of advanced professionals. As a result, they improve their skills very efficiently. High-flying, aim consistency and continuous self-training are the in-built qualities of each Twinslash member.
Alongside with project work, our developers always have time to implement their own ideas - projects and libraries. New interesting tasks, seminars, training and participation in international conferences provide continuous professional growth.
Twinslash is a company of first-rate professionals with versatile work experience. We like to solve unconventional and difficult tasks. We work as a united team where everyone uses maximum skills for the implementation of high-quality product.

We welcome professionals and people, devoted to their job, to become a part of our team. Each member of our staff is an energetic, confident developer, interested in high-tech technologies. If it is about you, then we are open for a talk. We are not going to conduct long interviews and ask irrelevant questions. All you need is to convince us that you are able to apply your skills in practice.

If you are just going to take up Rails and do not have rich experience in this technology, we have a perfect solution to this problem! Welcome to our coolRORschool, where you can become a Ruby on Rails expert.  The most experienced developers will teach you and you will probably become a real guru in this technology.

Think that ROR is your vocation? In this case fill out the form and our HR-manager will contact you soon.